Edan Archer – Six Wing Angel

Thanks to a tweet from The High Divers (seen recently on Vodka)  who have shared some tour dates with Edan Archer of late, I took a listen and was simply blown away by this powerful voice. Six Wing Angel (seen/heard here) is from Edan’s debut long-player, Journey Proud (August 2019) and again, that voice will stop a person in their tracks! 

Steeped in a version of Americana that could easily be part and parcel of New Orleans, Archer hails from Gainesville, Florida, and tools around Nashville as much as possible. She has only one other EP to her catalog, 2016′s Cruel Mother, which toys more on the fringes of rock, so the reality is that Archer’s music is genre-defying. She can do it all, and she can do it all so well! 

So where can you find Edan Archer? Well, her touring schedule has her mostly in her native Florida, and it’s pretty sparse, which means that someone needs to take notice of this phenomenal talent and get her some more performances somewhere! She needs to be exposed to many more audiences, because once they hear that voice, (seriously! that VOICE!!) they will want every piece of music she creates in their home catalog.  You can find more information on Edan Archer on her website or pick up her music from Amazon, although it doesn’t appear to exist in physical form. Digital only, unfortunately. 

Pick up some music from an artist whose songwriting is outstanding and whose voice will blow you away, by picking up some Edan Archer music now! Thanks again to The High Divers for their notice of this astonishing artist!