Molly Linen – ‘Away’

Molly Linen has just released Outside (October 2019), a five-track debut EP of thoughtful, breathy, folk-pop, and it is immediately a winner. The video for Away (seen/heard here) is definitely a low-budget affair, but the music wins out right away, and that’s what we are here for, right?

The EP opener, When They Didn’t Care, sets the stage for everything that comes after. Its delicious minor key beginnings resolve into a beautiful refrain. This may be only five tracks long, but it is full of Molly Linen’s potential. There’s not a stinker in the bunch. Outside focuses on just that, what we are missing outside our doors, our rooms, our comfort zones. 

Molly has been around the music business since 2014 but recently started collaborating with a band to bring her ideas new depth and texture. Other than some sketchy Facebook information, there isn’t a good biography out there for Linen. Perhaps with some success, we will see more from and about her.

For now, you can find Molly Linen on her Facebook page, site, Spotify, and several other spots. Nothing, however, links very well together, so Google is your friend here. Consider supporting an aspiring artist by purchasing her EP now!