Eva & Manu – EMPTY

Eva & Manu have had a lot of water beneath the bridge of their musical careers since the release of the 4-song EP, Still Traveling, on back in 2010 (sorry folks, that’s long since been deleted). When they signed with Warner Finland, I was hopeful that it would unleash a wellspring of new material, but since the release of their self-titled long-player in August of 2012, it has been pretty quiet-until just recently. 

On August 29, 2014, Eva & Manu released their second long-player entitled Cinnamon Hearts. The title track is a very updated sound for the duo, more pop-rock than the original folk-pop of say Feet In The Water from the debut. Production on the entire release is much richer, adding a multitude of orchestration and instrumentation to the tunes. That doesn’t necessarily make things better or worse, just an overall different sound. 

Here on Empty, the lead off track from the new long-player, Eva & Manu stand teetering on the line of the music from their past and what Cinnamon Hearts hints  will be the future. I’m just happy that the duo is still making music and forging new avenues. Certainly, they have paid some significant road-weary dues to get to where they are today.  Inexplicably absent from both long-players and every official recorded bit, is the beautiful Forgive Me.

Check out Eva & Manu by visiting their web site, complete with social and purchase links. If you have not as yet purchased any of their music, consider a purchase of both of the long-players.