Lily & Madeleine – The Wolf is Free

The Wolf Is Free is from Lily & Madeleine’s new long-player, Fumes, (October 28, 2014) which expands on the beautiful musical creations the two sisters have constructed before. If you are new to Lily & Madeleine’s music, then you can look back to Things I’ll Later Lose, Tired, and Come To Me for reference points. 

What hasn’t changed is the sisters delivery. They have a thing for the plaintive, two-part harmonies that somehow lift the spirit and heal the soul. What has changed, is an effort to take their melodies further, experimenting more with faster beats and fleshing out their tunes instrumentally. It has a feel of modernization without losing the quaint beauty and uniqueness that the sisters Jurkiewicz bring to their melodic harmonies. 

Further, the duo are experimenting with something that I believe is one of the truly great marketing bits: Fan created video content. In my “Music Musings” section in February over a year ago, I spoke of just such:

So how can a artist or band with no video resources get their studio quality music into a video? It’s simpler than you might think. The answer is to engage your fans. They are the ones who can put this together and they will do a great job if given the proper incentives. Those incentives need only be things that the band already has at their disposal, CD’s, T-shirts, concert tickets, etc. Engage your fans by creating a contest for a particular song and give your fans access to that song for the purpose of creating the video.

Case in point is 8in8’s song The Problem With Saints, that appeared on this blog back in October 2012. This video captured the humor and the spirit of the song and was not made by the band, but rather by a loyal fan. Think of the possibilities.  

Back on October 9, Lily & Madeleine announced a contest to create a video for Rabbit one of the ten tracks on Fumes. I’ll be very eager to see the results of this effort.

You can find more information on Lily & Madeleine by visiting their great web site, which includes most social and purchase links. You can also pick up the new long-player digitally, via If you have not as yet done so, check out this wonderful, harmonious duo!