Evan Thomas Way & The Phasers – Don’t Surprise Me

Evan Thomas Way’s voice is like an ocean breeze: fresh, clean, soothing. The music he creates, either with the Phasers or with The Parson Red Heads, is full of hope and light. His latest long-player, Long Distance (March 2019), from which Don’t Surprise Me (seen/heard here) comes, promises to be another collection of life poems and musical gems. At the time of this writing, Don’t Surprise Me was the only track available for preview on Evan’s site, but it is absolutely a beautiful gem of a song.

As videos go, this one is, well, lame. That said, it is the only option out there for now and Vodka prefers to use something from the new long-player when we are writing reviews. So there’s no need to pay particularly close attention to the eye candy here but listen carefully to the lyrics and the heartfelt music.

There is no website for Evan Thomas Way-just a Facebook page-however you can find a little more about Evan from viewing the bio for The Parson Red Heads which he wrote for that band. It lays out the history of that band and the evolution of their music, which in turn reflects back to Evan’s solo work and his work with the Phasers

Vodka isn’t a huge fan of Facebook as the only connection point for an artist. As I’ve stated before many times, there is a huge advantage to leveraging the available social networking and web tools to increase your marketing exposure. The DIY music scene has made it tougher for the consumer to find good music. There is a lot more good music available, but there is also a lot more music that is, well, let’s just say it isn’t the cream on top. By making sure that there is a wealth of information on you or your band out in the Internet world, you increase your chances of being heard and spreading to a broader audience.

You can find Long Distance (digital and vinyl only) on Evan Thomas May’s site and you can find what information is available on his solo work and work with the Phasers on his Facebook page. You can find The Parson Red Heads on their website or pick up their music from their site.

If you have not as yet been exposed to Evan Thomas May, get out there and pick up his music, and prepare for an aural vacation!