Fiction 20 Down – Down Like Hip-Hop (Me & My Baby)

Down Like Hip Hop is rock-solid pop from Fiction 20 Down’s (2013) long-player Where’s The Levity?. Yes, there is hip-hop here, there’s also a very deep understanding for melody and music. Hip Hop is flavor, it’s rhythm, and it can be flipping awesome, which is exactly what Fiction 20 Down proves. Along with the pop sensibility and hip hop flavor, there’s just a touch of reggae and a bit of rock for good measure. This is music, ladies and gentleman, not a bunch of wanna-be’s hanging out rehashing the latest style.

Fiction 20 Down is based out of Baltimore, MD and can be found on their web site, which has a link to download Where’s The Levity? for free. (consider dropping them some jingle to help them continue to make music, the pay-pal link is right there with the download option). You can find the bands 2011 5-song EP, Do Not Feed The Radio, for free on Check out this great band and drop them some coinage!