Meg Myers – Heart Heart Head

I’ve been waiting for an actual video to be release for Heart Heart Head from the stunning Meg Myers since I heard the track for the first time a couple of months ago. The video was released on April 30, but due to forward posting, the entire month of May was already spoken for on this blog. If you’ve been following along, you’ve seen Meg here before. Monster appeared last year and was also one of the top 40 tracks on Vodka for 2012, and Tennessee appeared about 5 months ago. Both of those tracks are from the stunning EP Daughter In The Choir. Heart Heart Head, is currently a single available from i-Tunes, and is the precursor for a larger offering from Meg Myers, the product of signing with Atlantic.

Meg Myers combines personalized subjects while alternating between tenderness and desperate rage.  She can package raw emotion and make you believe every word and every feeling. I cannot say enough good about this talented artist. 

To find out more about Meg Myers, visit her web site, her fan blog on tumblr and meginthedark and don’t forget to purchase her music. It’s worth every penny you spend!