Flagship Romance – Hit The Ground

About 5 months ago, I reviewed the fun folk-country-pop of Flagship Romance and their song Treason from their debut EP, The Fudge Sessions (January 2013). These two provide such beautiful harmonies and incredible melodies, that they deserve yet another look. Hit The Ground is a true testament to this duo’s love for each other and yet another look at those oh so important harmonies. If you can carry a tune in a bucket, you will easily be singing along with all of Flagship Romance’s tunes. I will be very surprised if these two do not get some national attention in the coming months. They certainly should. 

Hit The Ground also comes from the EP The Fudge Sessions, So if you have not as yet picked this up, you certainly should. You can find all the information you crave on Flagship Romance by visiting their nicely formatted and complete web site. Check out this duo and pick of their EP now. Then prepare to sing along.