Jason Mraz – The Woman – Love

A Little More Vodka, A Little Less Milk is usually a space dedicated to the lesser known and harder to find artists, and to be clear, this will always my focus: finding the jewels in the rough in a desert of music. While Jason Mraz does not fill that category, I’m including him here as much for his social activism as for his great pop music.

Just 36 years old, Jason Mraz has a successful musical career that dates back to 1999, when he was only 22 years old. He’s racked up numerous awards, Grammy nominations (and actual Grammy awards) plus strings of EP’s and long-players for his fans. The Woman I Love is from his April 2012 long-player, Love Is A Four Letter Word

Music, though, is only one of Jason’s passions, as indicated by the Jason Mraz Foundation, which deals with causes such as human equality, arts in education and environmental preservation. It is this multifaceted Mr. Mraz, that I find so fascinating.

You can find out tons of information on Jason Mraz by visiting his web site, though the one glaring omission is the bio. (Some info is available elsewhere on the web). Consider purchasing one of Jason’s fine musical offerings or donating to his foundation. Kudos, Mr. Mraz, for parlaying your talents and successes into helping to promote such worthy causes!