Flagship Romance – Lemonade

The wonderful Flagship Romance duo released Lemonade from their Tales From The Self-Help Section long-player over a year ago now (August 2017). We didn’t post it back then, although we posted a couple of other tracks, Friends and Scare Yourself, and got a chance to see the duo perform live at a house concert here in Nebraska.  That said, we have been covering Flagship Romance since the beginning, so it should come as no surprise that we continue to support their work. 

So why a video for a song from over a year ago? Because coming soon, Flagship Romance will release their new long-player, Concentric, to an ever-growing fan base. Each Flagship Romance release builds on the talents of romantic sidekicks, Shawn Fisher and Jordyn Jackson, and their incredible ability to take stories from their ever-expanding travels, shared by friends and acquaintances and nurtured by their own experiences, and turn them into magnificent pop-folk anthems. 

With a successful Kickstarter campaign under their belts, Concentric should be available sometime this year. If you are looking for a unique experience, consider hosting a house concert for Flagship Romance, or if that is a little scary, at least go out and see them when they are in your neck of the woods. You will not be disappointed!

As always, you can find more information on Flagship Romance by heading up to their website, which includes all social and purchase links. Do it now!

Update: Concentric dropped to Kickstarter backers this past week, so watch for the official release date soon!