Lydian Collective – High 555′

It’s been a few weeks now since I first introduced Vodka readers to Lydian Collective with the review of East and a nod to the LP. With the single release of High 555, I’ve got high hopes for another LP in the future. I’d like to highlight the joy with which these musicians play their music. Pay particular attention to the beaming smile of Sophie Alloway (drums). The bandmates obviously love performing their music-all of them-but Sophie is the picture of pure joy here.

Lydian Collective’s embrace of everything modern to include in their jazz compositions makes them entirely accessible and, as we pointed out before, their music “feels” uplifting throughout. Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about this band. Their CD continues to find its way into my player, and I marvel at the music each time I hear it. 

Need some information on Lydian Collective?  Head to their website, site, or click on any of their social links available on the website.  

Music like this deserves to be heard! In this day and age where finding anything positive to consume is difficult at best, Lydian Collective makes it easy: Just go purchase their music! Do it now!

Note: Vodka originally said that this single was part of the Adventure LP, which was incorrect.