Folly & The Hunter – Awake

NOTE: The original video stopped working. It appears to have been pulled by the band.  No explanation that I know of. This is a replacement for that video. – Vodka

Folly and The Hunter are a great indie-pop band.  My only complaint is that there is no biographical information out there on the band.  Even though the band has a great web site, which includes musical purchase options, tour schedule and more, there is no bio information up there. The closest thing that can be found with any sort of band information on it is the group’s Facebook page, which includes at least a listing of the band mates and their home city of Montreal. 

Putting all that aside for a moment, there is no denying the sheer talent that this Canadian four piece possesses.  This is not just great music played and sung well, but it is a production full of polish.  It is beautiful in nearly every detail. 

Awake, seen and heard here, is the title track for Folly and The Hunter’s May 2015 long-player. Too bad the band is so shy!  Nevertheless, get out there and purchase Awake, or any of the band’s previous long-players from their site

Check out this wonderful indie pop band now!