John Bassett – Stay Away From The Dark

John Bassett is a phenomenal multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer, most notably for progressive rock troop KingBathmat. He has released seven long players since 2003, but the acoustic long-player, Unearth (March 2014) marked his first release under his own name. 

Stay Away From The Dark from that long-player is a study in acoustic-based progressive rock. Minor key flourishes are everywhere. The music builds on a simple piano melody, adding acoustic guitar and drums, adding in John’s pleasing tenor vocals, mixed in such a way as to allow him to harmonize with himself. Throughout Unearth, this same formula continues, adding in minor electronic touches here and there. Rhythms and tempos change slightly and melodies are definitively different, but all are mini masterpieces. 

In short, I can’t say enough good things about Unearth or about John Bassett. Music isn’t just one style and there are wonderful offerings in every genre’. John Bassett gets my vote as one very interesting composer, producer, artist, and he deserves your purchase. 

You can find more information about John Bassett by visiting his web site.  You can (and should) pick up Unearth from John’s site. Also available are KingBathmat and Arcade Messiah, all John Bassett fronted progressive rock offerings,

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