Fort Atlantic – Up From The Ground

Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Jon Black is the perfect example of the old adage, “out of adversity comes opportunity.”  When his Athens Georgia label bit the big one in 2009, he decided that perhaps a more hands-on, do-it-yourself attitude might yields some good results.  It took some time, some trial and error but it looks like Jon Black’s Fort Atlantic experiment is paying dividends. It certainly should. This is some fine music here! Up From the Ground has a plaintive air, mournful and sad, but it it is also very beautiful. In a way, Up From the Ground could be just as much about Jon Black’s journey from that initial spark of an idea back in 2009, as anything else.

Information on Fort Atlantic can be found by visiting the web site, which includes the store link where you can purchase the self-titled long player. You can also find Fort Atlantic on Facebook. Check out Fort Atlantic and support do-it-yourself music!