Harry’s Law Ending

Let’s be clear.  I don’t watch much television.  The reason is that each time I get attached to a show, the network of weak knee money-grubbing swill cancels it.  This goes double for the always thought-provoking and insightful Harry’s Law, starring Kathy Bates. It infuriated me to find that, once again, network television was going to pull the plug on another great show.  It will probably be replaced with another idiotic “reality” show, that has nothing to do with reality, and everything to do with belittling our fellow man.  NBC had little going for it anyway, but Harry’s Law was certainly one of their brightest moments.  So be it.

In the final episode, Kathy Bates appears to sing the above Take Me Home, a beautiful song about first love.  Yes, it’s totally different than anything else on this blog so far, but it is indeed a song that leaves you with a weight in your chest.  Enjoy!  The song was performed by Crystal Gale for the Francis Ford Coppola movie, One From The Heart. The DVD for this movie also contained an outtake version sung by Tom Waits, who authored the song. Both of these versions are extremely beautiful as well.

Editor’s Note: The original video was taken down (you know, network television… sigh) this one doesn’t have quite the quality of the original, but still very good.