Fox and Bones – Love Me Like – River

Portland, Oregon’s Fox And Bones, create indie-folk that is smart and full of surprises. In their second full-length offering in just three years, the duo creates magical images with words and music. Enter Love Me Like A River, from the latest long-player, Better Land (October 2018), and the story of a passionate love demand, with lead vocals here provided by the male half of the duo, Scott Gilmore

Throughout Better Land, lead vocal duties switch up, with magnificent performances by the female half (Sarah Vitort) just as evident as Gilmore’s. There’s no doubt here that Fox And Bones is a truly shared success story. Some of the best tracks are those where the harmonies are close, the lead is shared, and the blending of these two voices is mesmerizing. Musically, Fox And Bones is a melding of indie-folk and Americana, with touches of country thrown in for good measure. It is very accessible. 

You can find more information on Fox And Bones by visiting their website, which contains a nice bio, store, and other good features. Missing (inexplicably) are the band’s social networking links to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Bandcamp, etc. While Fox And Bones miss Vodka’s marketing best practices, where all web presences link back to all other sources, they are still very much worthy of your purchase.

Check out Fox And Bones now and pick up Better Land today!

Note: On further review of the website after posting, the social and other links are now there.