Jefferson Hamer – Vagabond

Jefferson Hamer has been making great folk music for a long time now, both as a solo and as a collaborative with other musicians. His new long-player, Alameda (October 2018), is born out of a number of eras in his musical creative process, some dating back as far as 2006. Vagabond (seen/heard here) is one of the newer (2017) compositions among the eight tracks referenced on Alameda. While short in length, as long-players go, it is long on stories and tradition, with a great variance between-song construction and style. There’s no throw-away track here, which means that you get eight high-quality folk songs for the money.

On the less than perfect side, there is Jefferson’s website, primarily the lack of a decent bio. If you want to find out the most you can about Jefferson Hamer, then your best bet is the site, where you can pick up a digital copy of Alameda. At the bottom of the tracks, there are what must be liner notes for Alameda. This is seven nice paragraphs about the music and the history behind it. It’s still not a great bio, but it is better than what is on the website. As far as the rest of that site, the design is a bit clunky, but all of the information is there, including other social links. 

So if you are looking for a nice collection of varied folk music by a very accomplished musician, now is the time to pick up a copy of Alameda! Support good folk music by making a purchase today!