Good Old War – Never Gonna See Me Cry

Sometimes here at Vodka, we like to take a look back at artists that we reviewed some time ago and see how they are doing. Such is the case with Good Old War. We did a mini-review of Calling Me Names clear back in April 2013. I’ve got to say the duo has been busy perfecting their folk-pop chops and Never Gonna See Me Cry, the latest single from the duo’s new long-player Broken Into Better Shape (June 2015), is a great example of that!  

Good Old War is made up of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Keith Goodwin and harmony singer, guitarist, and songwriter Dan Schwartz. They’ve been churning out folk-pop goodness since 2008′s Only Way To Be Alone.  

The ten tracks on Broken Into Better Shape document a band whose pop hook instincts blend seamlessly with their storytelling. You will be tempted to take a first listen of the LP just to experience the music, but if you do, take another visit immediately to experience the lyric lines as well. In some ways, Good Old War has changed little since the earlier review was written for Calling Me Names. Still, the skill and polish of the new tracks exhibit a band that is comfortable in their sound, and mastering that, is more important than being decidedly different than when they first formed.  Let’s hope that this duo continues to make great music for years to come.

You can find more information on Good Old War by visiting their website, which is nicely formatted and contains purchase and streaming options, tour info and other merchandise. You can purchase Good Old War’s earlier works (2008 to 2013) on their site. Check out this great folk-pop duo now!