Flock of Dimes – Semaphore

Jenn Wasner is probably best known as one-half of the whole that is Wye Oak, the band that she formed with co-conspirator Andy Stack. With a desire to explore the more atmospheric elements of music, Jenn formed Flock Of Dimes back in 2011, and If You See Me, Say Yes (September 2016) is the first long-player from the side project. Semaphore (seen/heard here) is from that LP. 

Flock Of Dimes musically plays with the limits of music within the constructs of alt-pop. Jenn Wasner’s voice is more prevalent here than it is on Wye Oak records, and that in itself is a plus. Her voice is an interesting texture to these often bouncy pop-flavored tunes. Flight is an airy, wonderful tune and is a great example of Jenn’s vocals providing just the right amount of lift. Apparition, Given/Electric Life, The Joke, and Semaphore-all these and more provide a unique positive feel to life which is just what we need here in the US after a contentious and vicious election year.

You can find more information on Flock Of Dimes by visiting the website, and you can pick up If You See Me, Say Yes in digital, CD, and LP formats from the site. If you would like to re-discover Wye Oak, you can find that website here