Great Peacock – Family Home

Note: The original video no longer exists. There is no studio-quality version still available. 

Great Peacock is just preparing to release (at the time of this writing) their first long-player, Making Ghosts, due out mid-May 2015. Family Home is from the band’s self-titled EP from a couple of years ago. Great Peacock’s music is instantaneously infectious, specializing in melodies that stick in your head and make you want to sing along. Based solely on the title track of Making Ghosts (available in the Bandcamp link below) and the band’s previous EP, the new long-player promises to be a delightful offering of great music.

You can find more information on Great Peacock by heading on up to their website. You can pick up Making Ghosts or the self-titled EP from their link.

Consider a purchase of this great band’s music!