Timberwolf – Into The Cold

Into The Cold is from Timberwolf’s debut EP, Man & Moon, from 2013. Just out is the band’s second EP, Flux (May 2015).  Timberwolf has a full, wonderful sound and their tunes tend to be up-beat and, well, awesome! Timberwolf is not a band, at least not in the strictest sense.  Timberwolf is the brain-child of Australian folkster/singer/songwriter Christopher Panousakis who simply oozes talent. 

Want more info? Check out Timberwolf’s web site-particularly the ‘About’ section. You will be hearing more from this marvelous 23 year old phenom!  Want to pick up the EP’s?  Well you should!! You can grab them both from Timberwolf’s site.