Half Moon Run – Call Me in the Afternoon

Half Moon Run’s Dark Eyes has remained in the top slots of’s top selling alternative pop album listings for months now-and for good reason. If you’ve been following along, you may recall Full Circle, the lead off track being posted here about 3 months ago. There are very few long-players these days that have the staying power to remain popular, picking up new converts to their cause on a regular basis. Half Moon Run has managed it well. 

Here on Call Me In The Afternoon, from the very same March 2012 long-player, you get a veritable kaleidoscope view. It is imagery in both music and video and it maintains the winning thematic formula that is reinvented with each song on Dark Eyes

If you have not as yet been exposed to Half Moon Run, take a listen to Dark Eyes and consider a purchase from the band’s link, or visit their web site.

Update: For whatever reason, Half Moon Run has pulled Dark Eyes from It is still available via i-tunes.