Nia Andrews – Colours

Nia Andrews is a painter of music. Her palate is full of textures and time signatures, a rich bluesy voice, a penchant for story telling and smart melodies. Her canvas is the EP Colours (February 2013), four rich songs of rhythm, blues and soul excellence-the title track for which appears here. Colours (the song) is a nice change-up from the common 4/4 time signature (I’m not a music theory expert, but I believe this is 6/8 time) and is a smart visual landscape, which includes the tasteful use of echo in the mix. 

Born in Los Angeles, Nia Andrews has absorbed many varied musical influences. These are more complex tunes than the mundane, everyday, radio-weary fare. Nia is backed by a small but musically adept band, Deron Johnson (piano), Chris Bruce (guitars) and Quinn Orison (drums). 

You can find more information on Nia Andrews by visiting her web site, complete with social and purchase links. Check out Nia Andrews now, and consider a purchase of Colours!