Half Moon Run – Full Circle

While perusing, I came across the Canadian pop-rock of Half Moon Run and this delightful gem, Full Circle from the band’s March 2012 full-length, Dark Eyes. The melody is haunting and the rapid staccato vocal delivery is a great contrast to the instruments. Think of this music as a strange melding of 60’s folk and pop with today’s alternative and then combine a progressive rock element with that, and you will be close to the recipe for Half Moon Run. The trio is made up of Devon Portielje, Conner Molander and Dylan Phillips, who share vocal duties.

Check out Half Moon Run by visiting their web site. Forgotten, however, are the social links (although they are available on the bandcamp store) so here are the Facebook, MySpace and Twitter links.

Update: The social links are on the bottom of the web page. I’m just blind.