Scott Mellis – Lioness

Lioness is one of several singles released by popster Scott Mellis in 2011. It’s a simple love song but has some nice textures. Scott has a beautiful voice that lends itself to such moderate tempo numbers. Lyrically this is a strong song too, with some nice wordplay. “I will abide, and caress. I’ll be your hunter, you my lioness,” sings Scott at the beginning of the song. Scott Mellis recently released a six-song EP, Live and Acoustic, in December 2012. 

You can find more information on Scott Mellis by visiting his all-inclusive (except for the link) website. Check out Scott Mellis for some first-rate pop from an up-and-coming artist.

Editors Note: The original video is gone. There are a few poor-quality live videos available if you would like to take a listen.