Hannah Nicholson – Oliver

With a captivating beautiful voice, Hannah Nicholson will have your spine tingling with Oliver (seen/heard here) from her very first EP, Breath (September 2017). Her vocals are bell-like, pristine, and the instrumentation throughout, while great in its own right, stays out of the way of Nicholson’s lyric delivery. 

Her bio on her own website is a bit incomplete, but suffice it to say that Hannah has provided her wonderful pipes to others and that this is her first attempt to make them solely her own. That this is as it should be is perfectly evident by the four tracks on Breath, a decidedly ‘too short’ experience. What we can hope is that her foray into music on her own will be successful enough to see a full collection of songs next time out.

You can find information on Hannah Nicholson on her website or you can purchase her singles or all four tracks from or iTunes. For another take on Hannah Nicholson’s new EP, check out the review on For Folks Sake.

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