Northern Lights – Phil Lomac

Phil Lomac’s video for Northern Lights, the first track from his latest long-player Northern Cities Southern Stars (March 2017), is a surreal look at light. Musically, Northern Lights is modern rock at its finest. There is textural complexity here, with lighter and heavier components from the driving rhythm provided by both guitars and drums, to the wonderful tuneful and beautiful lyric delivery. 

Throughout Northern Cities Southern Stars there is a juxtaposition of harder and edgier guitars that quickly shifts to quieter moments of poignancy with the edges left in the background as texture. There’s an obvious effort being placed here on both accessibility and exploration that makes the collection seem fresh, pushing the borders ever so softly to expand what the listener is tuned to accept.

You can find more information on Phil Lomac by visiting his website or pick up both digital and hard copies of his music from his site.

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