Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers – I’m A Good Woman

There’s just a touch of raunch and roll is in those R&B and soul pipes of UK’s Hannah Williams and The Tastemakers. It’s a full on attack in an unapologetic, maximum throttle and tuneful way. Hannah’s voice can be momentarily tender but it is only in preparation for the next howl. Here on I’m A Good Woman from the October 2012 long-player, A Hill Of Feathers, you get a little of both. Even on the ballads, such as Tell Me Something (Liberties), Hannah’s soulful howl is not far from the surface. No good R&B/soul singer can be without the instruments that enhance the song’s emotions and here The Tastemakers know no equal. Horns thrill, guitars shout, keyboards jam, the bass and percussion provide the beat and the underlying drive and background vocals increase the depth. This 9-piece jam-a-thon is going to be heard, so you’d better be listening!

There’s no one-stop shop for all things Hannah Williams and The Tastemakers as yet. You can pick up A Hill Of Feathers from bandcamp and assorted tracks on i-Tunes. You can find some info on the band from Facebook, Twitter and Reverbnation to name three and there are a few nicely created videos on YouTube. Consider picking up the long-player-your feet won’t stop moving if you do!