The Black Feathers – You Will Be Mine

The Black Feathers are another example of a duo that followed me here on Tumblr and as a result, I discovered some great music! Here’s your chance to discover them too with You Will Be Mine, from their forth-coming five song EP due out sometime in 2013. Made up of Sian Chandler (vocal) and Ray Hughes (vocal, guitar), The Black Feathers paint emotional landscapes with solid vocals and musical dynamics that span the spectrum. Billed on their web site as “Briticana” the two combine elements of English folk and Americana that is truly beautiful to hear.

You can find most of the band info by visiting their web site although the link to their site is not terribly clear, it is there if you click the “Buy Now” link under the Demos (2012) picture, and their Reverbnation link is missing. Small complaints for an otherwise wonderful discovery of beautiful music. Check out The Black Feathers now, and consider a purchase of Demos. Then keep your eye-balls pealed for the new 5 song EP’s release.

Editor’s Note: The original video went away.  Here’s a replacement.