Hey Geronimo – Disconnect

Vodka had a flurry of Hey Geronimo tracks featured early on, starting with the funny and fun Why Don’t We Do Something clear back in August 2012. Over the last six years, the band has evolved musically and emotionally. Enter the hard look at our connected lives in Disconnect (seen/heard here) from what appears to be part of a theme from the new long-player, Content, due out by the time you read this. (September 2018) The band is still full of spot-on melodies and rhythms that keep the message from coming across as heavy-handed, but the message is there and unmistakable on Disconnect.

One thing that always astounds me is the lack of biographical information available for some bands. Hey Geronimo is no exception, making it tough to find information on personnel, history, and things that are relevant and interesting about the band members. What we know is that the band is from Brisbane, Australia, makes indie-rock branded in their image as dystopian future-rock and that’s about it. A very old content page from Tripple Unearthed, lists the band members at the time, but I’d hate to state that as a fact at this point.

Still, one thing is certain: Hey Geronimo’s music is always fresh and Content promises to be no exception. You can find some information on the band by heading to their Facebook page, doing a pre-order (more like “order” since this will post after the release date) for Content from the band’s web and sites, or get tour dates (only a few dates are listed) from the aforementioned website. You should check out the band’s back catalog as well. Besides Why Don’t We Do Something, linked to in the first paragraph, here are the other Vodka posts for Hey Geronimo

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If you have not as yet discovered Hey Geronimo, then it is time-well past time, actually to fix that transgression! Pick up some great indie rock from a band that has excelled in it for more than six years.