The Devil Makes Three – Drunken Hearted Man

Vodka has never included a video from The Devil Makes Three before, most notably because the band makes very few videos that aren’t just audio-only tracks or full studio performances. But the new release from this band nearly demanded that we find a video somewhere so that we could add a review for the band’s new long-player, Chains Are Broken (August 2018).

The Devil Makes Three is essentially a three-piece outfit, steeped in the folk storytelling tradition, but not at all beholden to a single style or genre’ of music. They can slide into a blues/bluegrass riff, as in the Robert Johnson cover of Drunken Hearted Man (seen/heard here – available from the band’s previous long-player, Redemption And Ruin), or they can blend blues/country and rock (Paint My Face), a stand-out single from the new long-player. Then there is the plodding, energy-inducing, Pray For Rain, which might be straight-up rock or country-rock. Whatever style you define that track as, it is pure energy, and lyrically, casts some very important moral and ethical questions.

Every track on the new offering is stand out by itself, but taken as a collection is a masterpiece of blended styles, poignant lyrics, driving beats, and pure enjoyment. The primary creative force behind the band are the three musicians, Pete Bernhard (songwriter/guitars/vocals), Lucia Turino (upright bass/backing vocals), and Cooper McBean (guitars/tenor banjo) and for the release of Chains Are Broken includes touring drummer Stefan Amidon

You can find a lot of information on The Devil Makes Three from their very complete website.

Vodka strongly encourages you to purchase Chains Are Broken, which can be purchased digitally from the band’s site or physically, from other sources, such as Amazon. Other purchase options can be found within the band’s website “Buy Now” link. While you are at it, consider the band’s excellent back catalog, two of which appear on the link and the rest available via the band’s website music link, dating back to their debut in 2002.

Check this band out!