Hey Ocean! – I Am – Heart

I debated awhile on adding Canadian pop band Hey Ocean to the blog. The band makes pop anthems that are decidedly likable but pretty formulaic. That said, it isn’t the first time that I’ve made exceptions for music that for some unknown reason-derivative or not-just has me listening multiple times. Here on I Am A Heart, flutist and lead vocalist Ashleigh Ball, sings “I am a heart that’s hard to pin” while band mates David Beckingham (Vocals/Guitar) and Dave Vertesi (Vocals/Bass) harmonies soar overhead. Meanwhile the video pops in as many ‘heart’ analogies on screen as it can (“Speak from the heart, Listen to your heart, heart of stone, etc.”) I checked out a few of the bands other songs, and found that perhaps it is Hey Ocean’s overall positivism that makes their music a repeat listen for me.

I Am A Heart is from the bands latest long-player, Is, scheduled for release in late January 2013. (forward post for this blog means that this should be available now). Check out the band by visiting their very complete web site and consider a purchase of this fine pop music. Thanks to fellow blogger doodlebugsdiary for suggesting Hey Ocean to me!