Norwegian Arms – Tired Of Being Cold

There is something indescribable about the sound of Philadelphia, PA alterna-odd-folk duo, Norwegian Arms. Here on Tired Of Being Cold from their January 2013 long-player Wolf Like A Stray Dog, the band journeys to a far off land and falls into a bucket of magic mushrooms-or so it would seem. The music that came out after was accomplished, interesting, listenable, psychedelic-and odd. I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, this is “odd” in a very good way.

On the album, as on Tired Of Being Cold, voices sometimes blend together and sometimes move against each other to create a varied textural context to the tunes.  Rhythms are simple snares, rim shots, and muted skins. Mandolin player, song-writer, vocalist, Brendan Mulvihill, wrote the music during the time he was in Tomsk, Russia, for a fellowship.  Eric Slick, the second component of Norwegian Arms, adds keyboards and drums and perhaps vocals (band info it hard to come by!). There is a short interview with the two after the song ends here on Tired Of Being Cold

Check out this amazingly different and totally accessible duo by visiting their Facebook or Twitter pages and consider a purchase of Wolf Like A Stray Dog, from their Bandcamp site. Watch for more from Norwegian Arms.