Hollow Hand – Chariot

Hollow Hands are self-described as a cosmic folk band, which doesn’t fall very far from the truth.  Their new long-player, Ancestral Lands (October 2015), blends progressive rock and folk rock elements with otherworldly accents to give you a sound that is at once familiar and new. Here on Chariot, you get a taste of that.  If you are looking for some sort of an idea of the sound, consider Crosby, Stills and Nash blended with Genesis and  the more accessible Jade Warrior bits from the Elements era, and you might get something like the sound of Hollow Hands. No song get’s a chance to wear out its welcome on Ancestral Lands, with the average track length at just under three and a half minutes. 

As video’s go, the video for Chariot is a bit on the cheesy side, but that isn’t why we listen to music anyway.  The video is just a delivery mechanism, so if you like, just listen! 

You can find more information on Hollow Hands by visiting their web site, or head up to their site and pick up Ancestral Lands in digital format (name your price).

If you are looking for something truly different to listen to and add to your music collection, consider this very interesting progressive band!