JP – Losing My Mind

Australian drummer turned band front man, JP (a.k.a. John Milton),  and Losing My Mind from the debut four-song EP, Part 1 (November 2015) is a study in bass-driven, melodic, genre blending styles. This rehearsal video, isn’t necessarily studio quality in all respects, but it certainly gives you a hint at what the EP sounds like. If you have any doubt, click over to the link and listen.  JP’s vocals are unpretentious and perfect for sharing a lyric. He has a pleasing tenor that stands out in front of the mix. The band here is just perfect for these tunes, adding great rhythms, texture and punctuation, but leaving JP’s vocals front and center.

You can find more information on JP by heading over to his web site.  Check this fun little offering out now and consider a purchase of Part 1 on the link.