Hope and Social – Feel

Hope & Social have been making music since 2008-well actually before 2008 if you count many of the member’s previous bands, Four Day Hombre. Each offering is full of rich textures and melodic twists and turns. Take Feel, the title track to the band’s latest (October 2016) long-player as an example. Feel begins almost in discord and rapidly takes the beginning theme into a more complex melody adding in horns, electronics, guitars, drums, and more. Literally, everything provides rhythm here. There are ebbs and flows and crescendos, all of which play into the feeling that the music provides. All of it is danceable and a bit eclectic.

Feel (the long-player) doesn’t stop with the opener. There’s plenty more where that came from. Each track on the new LP is full of great sounds, lyrics, and fun, with an emphasis on the latter. 

You can find more information on Hope & Social by visiting their very complete website. Need a Hope & Social music fix? You can find all you ever wanted, including the new long-player, on their site. If you live in the UK in the Leeds area, the band is touring extensively there, so get to a live show and enjoy!

You can still find Four Day Hombre’s music on their site as well.