Parsonsfield – Stronger

Since everything happens on our phones these days, it is fitting that Parsonsfield made the video to the opening track of their new long-player, Blooming Through The Black (September 2016), phone-centric. Part lyric, performance, and standard video, Stronger plays on all three to come up with a truly unique delivery. There are some places where the rapidly changing scenery behind the phone might cause Tourette’s syndrome, but for the most part, it is a fun way to view the video. The track is a look at love lost and being stronger because of it, so not really anything that earth-shakingly new in the subject matter, but the song is well done and quite listenable. 

The long-player, Blooming Through The Black,  is the latest in Parsonsfield’s musical offerings dating back to 2013. It combines various styles and rhythms with a decidedly indie-folk feel. These are modern-day storytellers with the tools, techniques, and talent to prove it. 

You can find more information on Parsonsfield by visiting the band’s nicely formatted website or pick up all available Parsonsfield music in digital, CD, or vinyl form from the band’s site. Check out this great indie-folk band now!