Hugo Kant – Leave Me Alone

I’m stretching my wings a bit here on Vodka and found this very pleasing musician/producer, Hugo Kant. Leave Me Alone is from Hugo’s July 2013 EP, by the same name, which is really just an extended single with two versions of Leave Me Alone and two versions of In The Woods. Hugo has a new long player (June 2014) called The Point Of No Return which includes both of those tracks (although not all versions) plus ten additional tracks. 

Hugo’s sounds are hypnotic, a bit surreal and the beats are somewhat understated which highlight his musicianship and production skills. Overall, Hugo Kant likes to combine elements of many styles of music-a bit of Jazz, some down tempo and hip-hop.

Sometimes hip-hop artists or producers try to force things a bit too much. The beats are too heavy the textures seem like afterthoughts and the music suffers. There’s none of that with Hugo Kant. His approach to music is all about balance.  It’s nice!

You can find more information on Hugo Kant by visiting his web site, or swing on up to his link and pick up some of his tunes. Check out Hugo Kant!