The Corner Laughers – Midsommar

In the heat of Summer in the US it is nice to have a cool breeze and The Corner Laughers provide that cool with Midsommer. If you are among the uninitiated to The Corner Laughers, then also check out Vodka’s previous review for Bells Of El Camino, from about a year ago. There’s not much change in style here from the group’s earlier long-player, Poppy Seeds, but that does not matter. It’s as if 60’s folk-pop happened yesterday with Midsommer and all of The Corner Laughers’ tunes. They make the style sound relevant again and do it with unapologetic polish.

You can check out The Corner Laughers by visiting them on their web site, (actually the site). Pick up any of the groups great music there as well. Stand in front of the fan and cool off, with The Corner Laughers!