Iamthemorning – Ghost Of A Story

Vodka has been casually following Iamthemorning for a while now, without actually posting a video from these great artists. That’s on me!  But that changes here, with Ghost Of A Story from the soon-to-be-released long-player, The Bell, scheduled August 2, 2019. Combining classical elements with alternative rock sensibilities and folkish storytelling, Iamthemorning excels!

Iamthemorning is essentially a duo comprised of Marjana Semkina’s beautiful voice and guitar work, and the wonderful keyboards of Gleb Kolyadin. Hailing from Saint Petersburg, Russia, the two flesh out their often macabre stories with great musicians, sometimes including a full orchestra. 

The band has been somewhat successful, but that isn’t measured in any profits that the two take in, as all money from gigs, albums, etc., goes into the band’s account to pay for the production costs of the next record. Marjana has an opportunity to move to the UK and ultimately become a citizen, something she very much wants. She has formed a Patreon to help her attain that goal. What her success would mean for the duo’s music is unclear, but the goal is admirable and deserves your careful review and support.

You can find more about Iamthemorning on their Facebook page, or pick up digital, vinyl, or CD copies of their music (including multi-bundle options) on their site

Check out this great duo and support the band, regardless of how Marjana’s UK ambitions turn out. This music deserves to be heard!