Idea Man – Every Seven #4

GrooveLily is a great little pop band with some very intriguing skills. For instance, Idea Man is from the forthcoming long-player Songs From Wheelhouse, that is both an autobiographical story of how the band purchased and then toured in a used RV and nearly lost everything, and the name of their musical theatrical show by the same name. This tender, heart wrenching number, documents the successes and failures of the Idea Man

The players in GrooveLily are Valerie Vigoda, electric violin and vocals, Brendan Milburn, guitars and vocals and Gene Lewins, drums and vocals. 

Check out GrooveLily by visiting their extensive web site. Music purchases dating back to 1994 (!!) can be purchased from their site. Check out this amazing cross between musical theatre and pop band, GrooveLily!