Stephie Coplan and The Pedestrians – Mean Is The New Black

Update: This video is no longer available. You can still find the video for Jerk on Youtube.

At the start, the single Mean Is The New Black from Stephie Coplan and The Pedestrians (January 2013) comes off sounding pedestrian and formulaic, but Stephie obviously knows how to add some great complexity to her pop-rock anthems.  By the time the song kicks in, you realize there is much more here than standard pop fluff. Everyone knows that if you want to find your way in the music business, you have to find a way to invent yourself and your music in a way that is different from everyone else, yet accessible. It’s not an easy task. Those who try to simply ape the last success, fail, as do most of those who try to step way off the beaten path. Ms. Coplan has found a way to invent herself within that framework that is extremely fun to listen to.

Stephie Coplan and The Pedestrians are a really new band (2011) that has found success both on and radio. A single that Stephie wrote about her ex-boyfriend, JERK, has gotten high-quality air-play on various radio stations. 

You can find band info by visiting their website which includes social and purchase links. You can also check out their site for additional purchase options. Check out this energetic troop of pop-rockers today!