In Continuum – Scavengers

Dave Kerzner’s new band (you may remember Dave Kerzner from an earlier post on Vodka), In Continuum, sports the kind of progressive rock you would expect from a man so obviously and positively influenced by the likes of Yes, Pink Floyd, Emerson, Lake & Palmer and more. In fact, guest appearances on the band’s debut long-player, include John Wesley of Porcupine Tree, drummer Nick D’Virgilio of Vodka favorite Big Big Train and Spocks Beard, and appearances from Jon Davison of Yes. That’s not to mention the actual band members, which have progressive rock pedigrees of their own. (lead vocalist, Gabriel Agudo, bass guitarist, Matt Dorsey, guitarist, Randy McStine, and drummer, Marco Minnemann).

Scavengers (seen/heard here), from the band’s debut Acceleration Theory (due out later this year), is a track from the concept album which is a futuristic sci-fi love story, according to Kerzner’s description of the project. It was originally designed to be part of a Sound of Contact offering (another Dave Kerzner project) but was shelved after the departure of two Sound of Contact bandmates. If you enjoy good progressive rock, then In Continuum promises to deliver on that!

You can find more information on In Continuum and Acceleration Theory by visiting the band’s website. You can pre-order Acceleration Theory, by heading to Dave Kerzner’s site. This would be a great addition to your music collection!