HuDost – Rise Together

HuDost makes uplifting rock music tinged with folk. Rise Together (seen/heard here) is from the forthcoming long-player, Of Water + Mercy, due out in just a couple of months. Rise Together is as pleasing as an anthem but suffers from everything being pushed to the ultimate limit (read loudness wars) and a subsequent loss of dynamics. What is masterful musically, becomes less so when your ears get tired just with the act of listening. 

That negative aside, there’s no denying the talent of the band or the great vocal chops of lead vocalist Moksha Sommer who, together with Jemal Wade Hines, make up the core of HuDost. Rise Together, co-written with Dan Haseltine of Jars Of Clay, is performed here by HuDost and Jars Of Clay personnel. 

You can find more information on HuDost by heading up to their very nicely formatted and complete website. Watch for the release of Of Water + Mercy sometime in March (2019). You can and should support the work of this great group. 

If you are the band, keep in mind that Vodka only reviews music that I like. I’ve gotten into some arguments with a few other artists who claim that I simply don’t like Hi-Fi music. That isn’t true. I love Hi-Fi music, but it should contain all of the music’s dynamics. A person should be able to push the volume to get the effect they want. Instead, what happens when music is recorded to (and sometimes past) the limits, is that you can never reduce the volume enough to hear the lost dynamics. Record with true dynamics intact and let the listener push the volume to his/her liking. (Stepping off my soap-box now.)