In Dreams – Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue channel 60′s style pop-rock, blending it with enough elements of modern surf and alt-rock to form a unique style all their own. A case in point would be In Dreams (seen/heard here), from the band’s latest long-player, Vices (February 2020). There’s a bit of spaghetti western guitar styling, psychedelic rock, and more, blended with mildly echo-laden vocals. It’s a perfect blend! In Dreams is as close to an awake dream as you can get. 

The band has been around in some form or other since 2008. Once a duo, made up of singer-songwriters, guitarists, Rosa Slade and Katy Young, the band now includes bassist Benjamin Gregory and drummer Dan Blackett. The band is tight, instruments well played, and the vocal to instrument mix is right where it should be. There’s plenty to love here!

Peggy Sue has no website that we can find, however, they do have a Facebook page and Twitter feed, plus you can pick up their music on their site.

You can’t go anywhere right now, so listen to some great pop rock, that channels both the surf and the sixties with dream-pop influences that can only be found in today’s music. Enjoy it from your couch. Act now! Supplies are limited.