Waiting For Smith – Long Life

Lately, my inbox has been filling up with production companies making suggestions for coverage of certain artists. I welcome these, though only a small portion of them actually make it into the blog. Waiting For Smith’s new single, Long Life, is one of those that make the cut for me. 

I want to be as honest as I possibly can about this track: Musically, it breaks no new ground, But Harry Lloyd (the man behind the moniker Waiting For Smith) sings this song in a playful, yet earnest fashion, and he does so without taking himself too seriously. It’s a fine balancing act for a song that is also 100% an earworm, Listen once, and the melody will be repeating in your head. Listen a handful of times and you will be singing along with the lyric. Which reminds me: that lyric! Long Life is a testament to a sentiment that everything will be OK. It was written while Harry was recovering from injuries he incurred during avalanche training in the French Alps, where he broke his back in two places. It was following this injury that he decided to dedicate his life to music. We should be all thankful that he did! 

Now for the bad news: You can find more information on Waiting For Smith by heading up to his nicely formatted – but totally incomplete, website. There are no purchase options listed for the music there and no social links published, even though both exist. Just a friendly note to the artist from a marketing view: link all of your information back to everything else. Though I’m not a huge fan of Apple Music, you can find his music there or with a little filtering, on Socially, you can find him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. One thing that is on his website is a nice bio. All of this is relates to marketing, not the music itself, which is outstanding.

While there are a decent number of singles available for Waiting For Smith, there is no long-player-at least none that I can find-so I’m hopeful that this is something that is coming in the near future. Check out this amazing indie-folk artist and pick up some of his singles digitally now!