Jared Mees – Signal Fire

Signal Fire, from Jared Mees’ (the musician, not the motorcycle man) latest long-player, Life Is Long (April 2017),  is a testament to parenthood; about our goals and desires to be good parents to our children and to help guard them, or at least guide them, whenever possible. This is heartfelt music, a picture painted with words so clearly that you can feel and see their meaning with precision. 

Musically, Jared Mees plants his tunes firmly in the space between folk and pop anthems. Lyrically, these are stories, read with the emphasis of a great orator. The video’s use of Jared’s young daughter as the animated storyboard is perfect. The youthful lack of inhibition and fun-loving nature wins your heart from the first few stanzas. 

You can find some information on Jared Mees from his page, or locate his music on the Tender Loving Empire label page. Check out Jared Mees now!