Orenda Fink – Ace Of Cups

Let us make this clear: This is not a new video.  It does not come from a new long-player. Furthermore, there is no new long-player for which this video is a stepping-off point for a new review. In fact, Orenda Fink has not made a new long-player since Blue Dream, from which Ace Of Cups hails, back in August of 2014. This long player came to light from what looks like a label dump by Saddle Creek into, though it could just as easily have come from the artist herself.  

Orenda Fink’s Blue Dream is a masterpiece of aural experience that takes a long hard look at life and death and that spiritual link between the two. It was written in the wake of a loss; not a human loss, but the loss of a close friend nonetheless, Orenda’s 16-year-old dog, Wilson. There is a deep unspoken link between our pets. They become as much a member of a family unit as children, husbands, or wives. Dogs love unconditionally. It is one of those things that make their relationship with their humans so special.

The music on Blue Dream makes videos seem totally wasteful. It conjures up quite vivid videos in the imagination and it is almost an affront to have an actual video as a reference. So press play and then close your eyes. Then go pick up this wonderful LP from either Saddle Creek or the link. Note that the best value here is the CD or Vinyl purchase which includes the digital version.