Jenny Mayhem – Alice In Wonderland

Jenny Mayhem infuses pop sensibility with ethereal compositions to create lovely soundscapes that are perfect vehicles for her light and airy vocals. On first listen, if you are like me, you will be captivated by the composition and production. It is only on second listen and on that the lyrics and imagery kick in. 

Instrumentally, Alice In Wonderland, seen and heard here from Jenny’s Ocober 2011 self-titled EP, is spare yet full. Tinkling piano and plucked strings, add to the songs textural feel, without detracting from the vocal or over powering it. 

Jenny Mayhem has a new single, TV Waltz (December 2013) available on her site along with the aforementioned EP and other singles and EP’s dating back to 2009. You can find Jenny on her Tumblr blog which has links to Facebook and her Youtube channel too. 

Have a fully lucid dream with Jenny Mayhem now!