Pharrell Williams – Happy

Every once in awhile on Vodka, you are going to get a surprise. For instance, Pharrell Williams is not one of the struggling artists that we normally feature. Mr. Williams is a successful, Grammy award winning musician, beat maker, entrepreneur and force for ecological change. In short, he’s made a name for himself and probably doesn’t need my promotion. 

That said, Happy (the single from Despicable Me 2) is so fun, so friendly and so, well, happy, that it deserves special mention. Pharrell Williams brand of pop infused rhythm and blues is infectious. I’m sure this is one of those songs that was literally being sung as people left the movie theater. 

Happy is available as an i-Tunes single. Check out Pharrell Williams by visiting his web site, which is really just a front for his other social and web links. Get happy!